By Carl Llewellyn

Easter Sunday morning, the 5th of April 2015 was a special day for chorister and choir PRO David Powell. It was his baptism at High Street English Baptist Chapel, where he was accepted and welcomed on behalf of the chapel by the Reverend Jason Wilkins as a member.  David gave a declaration of his faith and testimony to the congregation, a moving occasion, with David giving his story about his thoughts and commitment to his faith. David’s religious upbringing took place in Zion Welsh Baptist Chapel Twynyrodyn, when a Sunday School existed at Bryn Terrace. It was through his grandfather Josiah (Josh) Powell’s influence and direction that gave him a righteous path to follow. But David, like a majority of young men, wanted an exciting and carefree life, so his life became a learning curve, with mistakes learnt by experiences. As David grew older he became mature and realised he wanted to have more out of life and wanted to be useful, so he  joined organisations that gave service to others. 

While David was immersed in the Baptism pool by the Reverend Jason Wilkins, a traditional hymn, as with all previous baptisms, was sung - “Praise Ye the Lord Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.” One could tell David had been fulfilled by the spirit of the occasion, and was supported by his parents, brother and grandfather. All were delighted with his decision to demonstrate his faith. The baptismal service was a joyous occasion with High Street Sunday School taking part under the direction of Christine Mantle. Other members of the congregation took part with prayers and readings from the Bible. David had chosen one of his favourite hymns to be sung after the baptism took place, namely “Shine Jesus Shine” (Lord the light of your love is shining).

Towards the end of the service communion was served to all who wished to partake. As a mark of respect for David, the communion set that once belonged to David’s previous chapel, Zion Chapel Twynyrodyn before its closure was used. Although David loved Zion Chapel, he realised its closure meant it was the past, so he looked to the future and found High Street English Baptist Chapel’s doors had opened for him.

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