The founder conductor of the reborn Dowlais Male Choir was D.T.Davies, a musician of great repute throughout South Wales as conductor, adjudicator and accompanist. In 1968 he was awarded the MBE for his services to music and in 1974 he received further recognition when the Freedom of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil was conferred upon him.
During his years as Musical Director the Choir grew in number from 13 to 120 choristers in 1973, when it reached the first of many musical peaks in winning the Chief Male Choral competition at the Royal National Eisteddfod at Ruthin.
This was a “Triple Crown” for “DT” as he had won the National Eisteddfod previously, conducting a ladies’ choir and a mixed choir and he achieved five “National” successes in his distinguished career.
In July 1978 the committee of the Dowlais Male Choir decided to honour their founder Musical Director by instigating a bursary in his memory.
The aim of the D.T.Davies Award is the encouragement of promising young musicians, and the bursary is given each year to a student of one of the high schools in the Borough of Merthyr Tydfil.
The recipient of the award had previously been decided on a rotational basis from each of the schools. However the choir had been conscious for several years that promising students had not been offered the opportunity to display their talent, as it had not been their schools turn to select the recipient of the award. So, in 2013 the choir changed the format by offering the opportunity to a student from each of the schools to enter an annual competition and potentially be the recipient of the award.
Each student is allocated a time slot of 10 minutes to perform two contrasting selections of their own choice of music enabling them to demonstrate the full range of their talent to the adjudicators.
The winner is presented with a cheque, an engraved glass trophy commemorating their success and invited to perform at the choir’s Annual Concert taking place later in the year.
The choir are appreciative of the support received from the local High School music staff, the students and their parents for making the event so successful.

The winner of the award is asked to perform at the Choir’s Annual Concert.

Previous Winners

March 1st 1979 Gillian Edwards-Pen-y-Dre High School-Cello

February 29th 1980 Linos M.Jehu-Bishop Hedley School-Cello

March 2nd 1981 Paul Horner-Cyfarthfa High School-Violin

February 27th 1982 Rachel Elizabeth Thomas-Afon Taf High School-Oboe

March 1st 1983 Delyth John-Vaynor & Penderyn High School-Viola

March 1st 1984 Lucy O’Sullivan-Pen-y-Dre High School-Cello

March 1st 1985 Lisa Evans-Bishop Hedley School-Violin

February 28th 1986 Jeffrey Lloyd- Roberts-Afon Taf High School-Tenor

March 1st 1987 Susan Thomas-Cyfarthfa High School-Flute

February 27th 1988 Sarah Elizabeth James-Vaynor & Penderyn High School-Violin

February 25th 1989 Lynwen Burgum-Pen-y-Dre High School-Soloist

March 1st 1990 Recipient Unknown-Bishop Hedley School

March 1st 1991 Rhian Griffiths-Cyfarthfa High School-Saxophone

February 29th 1992 Gareth Lloyd-Afon Taf High School-Double Bass

February 26th 1993 Gregory Thomas-Bishop Hedley School-Trombone

February 26th 1994 Richard Parry, Claire Billett-Vaynor & Penderyn High School-Tenor Horn Flute/Saxophone

March 1st 1995 Faith Nicholas Laura Hallisey-Cyfarthfa High School-Soloists (Duet)

March 1st 1996 Elunded Prichard-Afon Taf High School-Violin

March 1st 1997 Cerys Jones-Pen-y-Dre High School-Piano

February 28th 1998 Leanne Davies-Vaynor & Penderyn High School-Violin

March 1st 1999 Saint David’s Day Concert cancelled due to a pre-arranged concert in Oxford

March 1st 2000 Laura Hamer-Cyfarthfa High School-Piano

March 1st 2001 Alun Davies-Vaynor & Penderyn High School-Oboe

March 1st 2002 James Allen, Siân Lloyd-Bishop Hedley School, Trombone-Violin

March 1st 2003 Stephanie Barrett-Penydre High School-Piano and Violin

March 1st 2004 Matthew Woodford-Afon Taf High School-Piano

March 1st 2005 No award made

March 1st 2006 Laurie O’Brien,Nicholas Brill-Cyfarthfa High School-Piano-Cornet

March 3rd 2007 Rhiannon Pinney, Elizabeth Sullivan-Bishop Hedley High School, Clarinet-Piano

March 1st 2008 Laura Munkley-Afon Taf High School-Piano & Violin

February 28th 2009 Daniel Lewis- Penydre High School, Flute & Tenor Saxophone

March 1st 2010 No award made

March 1st 2011 Samuel Roper – Cyfarthfa High School  – Xylophone

March 1st 2012 No award made

March 22nd 2013 Elizabeth Barnes–Afon Taf High School, Piano. Mari Kelly–Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun, Harp

April 3rd 2014 Jac Thomas – Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun, Trumpet

March 19th 2015 Eve Price – Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun, Harp

April 13th 2016