By Carl Llewellyn

On Sunday 5th July 2015 the Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil Councillor David Isaac and the Mayoress Mrs Deborah Isaac held their Civic Service at St David’s Church, Merthyr Tydfil.

The Mayors Inauguration

The Mayors Inauguration

There was concern about the weather due to a heavy downpour earlier on, however a blue sky appeared making the day bright and sunny.

The Mayor’s Chaplain, the Reverend Mark Prevett acted as the officiating Clergy with the assistance of curate Reverend Tom Bates. The congregation stood and sang the  hymn “Love Divine” as the mayoral party entered the church, followed by the church choir and the clergy. The choir procession was led by Jan Lewis, who is no stranger to the Dowlais Male Choir, as Jan and her St John Ambulance Merthyr Tydfil Branch team are regularly in attendance at all the choir’s local concerts. During the hymn singing the standards were received by the Reverend Tom Bates.

The Mayor’s Chaplain addressed the congregation with a scripture reading, the bidding and a prayer. His Worship the Mayor, Councillor David Isaac read a portion of scripture from St John’s Gospel, Chapter 13, Verses 12-17. The Reverend Prevett then delivered the Homily, focusing on the Mayor’s duties and the perception of his official status, and looked forward to the responsibilities of being a Mayor’s Chaplain. In his address he gave three attributes a Mayor should strive to achieve. Firstly ‘Role’, secondly ‘Person’ and thirdly ‘Continuity.’ The Role as the Mayor and First Citizen and the responsibility in representing the town in whatever the mayoral capacity required. The Person, with the Mayor’s day job as a Paramedic and the Mayoress as a Nursing Sister, they are used to dealing with the Public in their distress. Continuity with the ability of carrying on unfinished tasks.

The Mayor’s Chaplain wished the Mayor and the Mayoress a successful and eventful year. The prayer for the faithful was delivered by the Reverend Bates, with responses from the congregation, and ended with the Lord’s Prayer. The congregational hymns chosen for the Civic Service were well known to everyone – “Love Divine”, “Calon Lan” and “Cwm Rhondda.” While the latter was sung there was a collection taken for this year’s Mayor’s appeal, Cancer Aid Merthyr and the Wales Air Ambulance.

The Dowlais Male Choir’s contribution to the civic service was the rendering of two well known pieces from their extensive repertoire – “The Lord’s Prayer” (By Albert Hay Malotte) and the Welsh hymn tune “Gwahoddiad.” Both musical items were conducted by the Musical Director Darya Brill-Williams and accompanied by Jonathan Gulliford. Mr Gulliford also played the church organ for the congregational hymns.

The Act of Dedication included a prayer, with both anthems, “Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” and “God Save the Queen” being sung. The congregation remained standing for the Blessing before singing the Recessional hymn “Now thank we all out God”, while the standards were collected. Following the hymn the civic party, Mayor’s Chaplain and the parish clergy left the church, along with the standards of the uniformed organisations. The choir, with other guests were invited to partake of refreshments at the Old Town Hall (Red House).

The Dowlais  Male Choir is proud to be associated with the Mayor Councilor David Isaac, who is an ex-chorister and will assist him in any way possible.

Over the years the choir have been invited to a number of mayoral functions, either contributing in civic church services or entertaining guests at the Mayoral lunch. The choir have been involved in at least 15 past Mayoral Civic functions. The list below was compiled by fellow chorister Philip Adams.

 1979-80 Sunday July 1- David Idwal  James – St John Church, Dowlais

1980/81 Sunday July 13 -Mary John – St David’s Church, Merthyr

1982/83 Sunday July 11 – Tony Rogers – St John Church, Dowlais

1988/89 Sunday July 17 – Derek Games – St Peters Church, Abercanaid

1994/95 Sunday July 17 – Eddie Thomas  – Tabernacle Chapel, Brecon Road

1995/96 Sunday July 2 – Raymond Thomas  Community Centre, Dowlais

1996/97 Sunday July 2 – William R. Smith – Park Chapel, The Walk

1999/00 Sunday June 18 – Les Elliot – Rhydycar Leisure Centre

2000/01 Sunday July 9 – Bernard Driscoll -  Rhydycar Leisure Centre

2002/03 Sunday July 7 – Alan Davies -  Rhydycar Leisure Centre

2003/04 Sunday July 13 – John Pritchard – Rhydycar Leisure Centre

2007/08 Wednesday Sunday May 16 – Alan Jones – Penydarren Club

2008/09 Wednesday May 21 – Clive Jones – Rhydycar Leisure Centre

2013/14 Sunday June23 – Grahame Davies – High Street Chapel

2015/16 Sunday July 5th David Isaac – St David’s Church, Merthyr

President of the choir and Freeman of Merthyr Tydfil Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB alongside Major Tudor Price MBE

President of the choir and Freeman of Merthyr Tydfil Professor Sir Mansel Aylward CB alongside Major Tudor Price MBE

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